An awesome career in Data Science starts here...


To be able to successfully hire and retain the right people, we emphasize development opportunities aligned to their specific growth needs and professional aspirations.

We offer our people

The key ingredients for a dream career

Research Freedom

with minimum constraints and maximum initiative.

Motivating environment

and meritocratic culture.

Limitless opportunities

for growth and development

Competitive employment terms

and work-life balance.


We look for


Anticipate an exciting future


Respect and choose to lead


Fuel new ideas and dare to reinvent yourself


Continuous improvement and enterpreneural mindset


Feel passionate about the GATE vision and mission


Find creative ways to achieve and imagine goals

Creating a nurturing work environment is mission critical for GATE

... and we take it seriously

The way we work in GATE proves that "science is wonderful" and the career of a researcher can be extremely attractive.

Our main goal is to continue to bring onboard leading researchers in the Big Data field, as well as people with the potential to become star researchers, and to offer them the perfect working conditions in order to maximize their abilities and contributions.

In GATE you work with and learn from the best

We are open to young talent in Data Research

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