Work Packages

Project management

WP1 Project management is focused on the management of the project as a whole, including internal procedures and IT tools establishment, administrative, financial and quality management. Data management plan including Ethics guidelines will be elaborated.

  • Task 1.1 Internal procedures and tools
  • Task 1.2 Administrative and financial management
  • Task 1.3 Quality management
  • Task 1.4 Data management and ethics

GATE CoE Governance and Operation

WP2 GATE CoE Governance and Operation aims at establishing governance structure with regulations and procedures as well as organisational structure that guarantees the smooth, equitable, and efficient operation of the GATE CoE. Activities for creating a motivation research environment will be implemented and policies and procedures will be elaborated.

  • Task 2.1 Governance
  • Task 2.2 Organisation and operation
  • Task 2.3 Motivating research environment
  • Task 2.4 Policies and procedures

Human resources

WP3 Human resources deals with recruitment of GATE staff and preparation of Career Development Plans for researchers. Mechanisms for attraction and retainment of early-stage researchers (ESRs) in the CoE will be implemented. Procedure for evaluation of staff performance will be set-up and updated.

  • Task 3.1 Recruitment
  • Task 3.2 Career development path
  • Task 3.3 ESRs involvement
  • Task 3.4 Performance evaluation

Knowhow transfer for capacity building

WP4 Knowhow transfer for capacity building is focused on the transfer of research, innovation, and business development and administration knowhow. A strict process and procedures for mobility and planning, approval and organization of the trainings will be set up.

  • Task 4.1 Facilitation of knowhow transfer
  • Task 4.2 Research knowhow transfer
  • Task 4.3 Innovation knowhow transfer
  • Task 4.4 Business development and administration knowhow transfer

Strategic Research and Innovation

WP5 Strategic Research and Innovation will produce a Research and innovation agenda which specifies current research and innovation priorities. Internal, collaborative and contractual projects within the GATE focus research areas and strategic application themes will be set-up, as well as joint flagship projects. Unique multidisciplinary educational courses and trainings will be created.

  • Task 5.1 Research and innovation agenda
  • Task 5.2 Research and innovation projects
  • Task 5.3 Joint flagship projects
  • Task 5.4 Education and training

Business development

WP6 Business development aims at: establishment of GATE ecosystem consisting of a vivid community of stakeholders and an active collaborative research network, elaboration of innovation and research commercialisation strategy, IP portfolio management and creation of new business models.

  • Task 6.1 GATE Ecosystem
  • Task 6.2 Innovation management
  • Task 6.3 IP and IA portfolio management
  • Task 6.4 Business models

Communication and dissemination

WP7 Dissemination and communication deals with defining and implementing effective and targeted dissemination and communication strategy, so that project goals, activities and outcomes are successfully distributed to reach widest possible audience, as well as to involve actively the relevant research and stakeholders’ communities, both within and beyond project duration.

  • Task 7.1 Project web site
  • Task 7.2 Communication and dissemination
  • Task 7.3 Events organization and participation
  • Task 7.4 Launching event and annual summit