GATE official signature ceremony at Research ant Innovation Days 2019 in Brussels

GATE was officially promoted at European Research and Innovation Days - the first annual policy event of the European Commission, bringing together stakeholders to debate and shape the future research and innovation landscape within the new Horizon Europe programme. At this high-level policy and showcasing event special attention has been put to the newly selected Teaming 2 projects. At a symbolic signature ceremony with Mr. Jean-Eric Paquet, Director General of DG RTD, the start of the projects has been officially announced. A special ‘ad hoc’ meeting has been organized that provided the occasion for him to communicate some key messages to the new projects and for then to discuss the particular challenges and opportunities they have.At the presence of Commissioner Maria Gabriel, during the conference session 'Bridging, Widening, Sharing: let's Advance Europe together' dedicated to the importance of exploiting pockets of excellence wherever they emerge and the key role of all stakeholders to advancing R&I in Europe, the new projects have been called on stage and greeted by Commissioner Moedas and also Commissioner Hahn. A collective picture was taken in front of an audience of approximately 500 participants and high media coverage, providing the projects with the opportunity to promote themselves and to get more political visibility.